Choosing a Blog Theme (and Other Ways to Take the Easy Way Out)

Do you ever sit on an idea forever, hoping some day to turn your thought into a reality, then five years later, stand up and see that idea you’ve been sitting on and realize nothing came of it? Same. Especially the part about sitting for five years.

I’ve written, trashed, and rewritten my “first blog post” a million times now. I’ve put so much pressure on myself to make this thing a reality that I struggle to write the perfect intro to what this blog will be about. I put less thought into getting a puppy than I have in starting a blog. Side note, I don’t recommend doing that.

So here’s the thing. I’m imperfect. This blog is going to be imperfect. Why set expectations so high with a killer first post, am I right? Always keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed, says the girl who got WAY too hyped for the new Harry Potter book.

Sometimes this blog will be funny, other times it’ll be serious. I’ll share travel tips, recipes, and stories of me attempting to get my life in order. One day I might talk about fitness, and the next I might write a how-to on finishing an entire large pizza by yourself.

So then what’s the theme of Almost Shameless? I’ve wasted away hours of my life trying to put myself into one category, but here’s the thing. My interests are constantly evolving, which is why the term “lifestyle blogger” is the most lazy and beautiful description of a theme for someone trying to get their life together. I think most lifestyle bloggers have it figured out and I’m in the minority, but as someone who doesn’t have a single category I could go on about forever, lifestyle blogger it is!

I’m a 20-something female trying to discover my passions in life, and I’m starting this blog to hold me accountable by documenting all of the ups and downs. I’m going to be trying new things along the way, making mistakes, doing some succeeding but mostly a lot of failing.

Why don’t I just buy a journal and try to figure my life out using that? I know I’m not the only one out there who feels a little lost and is trying to find more passion and drive in life. I’m hoping to find like-minded individuals on the same path, to potentially inspire others to stop living a life of mediocrity, and/or to give those people who already have their whole lives figured out (down to the details of their funeral) some entertainment and an ego boost. Like when you’re watching reality TV and judging the people on it for the sake of feeling better about yourself. We all do it. Also, not saying this blog will ever make money, but journals only turn a profit once the author dies.

And there you have it, my first blog post. Thank you for reading, but mostly, congratulations for making it through. I have a lot of exciting things in the books I’ll be blogging about, so come back soon and have a wonderful day!

As promised, here are other ways you can take the easy way out today:

Feeling tired at the gym? Leave.

Don’t want to reply to a text? Update your Facebook status to tell the world your phone is broken.

Not in the mood to cook? Fake being sick so your loved ones bring you food.

Have any horrible suggestions of your own? Throw them in the comments!

One thought on “Choosing a Blog Theme (and Other Ways to Take the Easy Way Out)

  1. People who have it all figured out are boring! Horrible suggestion? Put yourself down so someone will build you up! Ugh. Keep blogging. Can’t wait to hear more or your almost shameless thoughts.


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